Jul 17, 2019

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What is the procedure of removing gel nails without acetone?

What is the procedure of removing gel nails without acetone?

Gel nails and acrylic nails look super glam and tend to make you look attractive and updated with fashion instantly. It is appropriate for people to get for different nail practices for looking gorge.

However, sticking to one gel nails color for too long can look tacky too and harmful for your nails.

It is essential not to keep these nails for too long. Here presenting a guide regarding how to remove gel nails at home without acetone for making your nails look fab.

To attain additional information regarding the aspect, consider going through details stated below in the article.

Removing gel nail paint without acetone!

It is not an easy procedure to remove gel polish without acetone; however, if practiced accurately, then surely you can do it. For doing the job, you need to follow through a procedure step by step.

The primary thing that you need to practice is to start removing the nail from your fingernail. You can easily find spots that are loose and removing gel paint from the fingernail.

When you understand the technique, then pour some water over the edge and push gel nail polish gently away from your fingernail.

removing gel nails

Using cuticle oil or olive oil instead of water would also do the job for you and that too easily. For removing gel polish, use an orangewood stick for pushing it back.

When the gel polish is out, then file your nail with nail filer to remove the residue of the gel polish of your nail.


Let us recapitulate details stated above in the article for knowing how to take off gel nails without acetone at home for better health of your nails. You can surely consider for different steps stated above for removing gel paints from your fingernail.